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We hope you are enjoying your stay.  If you are planning to move into our building in the near future, we can’t wait to welcome you!



We have a full-time maintenance team. Please submit a maintenance request through the portal. Pictures are crucial so we come prepared!

Get your laundry card for the building, or replace a lost one.

Are you planning on moving in or out in the near future? Here is what you need to know. 

It’s the responsibility of the exiting tenant to properly clean his apartment when moving out. This is an inherent responsibility for all residential leases in the province of Québec. Tenants who do not respect this obligation can be exposed to fines or, in the worst scenarios, lawsuits. Helisis is not responsible for cleaning an apartment if a tenant does not respect his basic leasing obligations. We ask that the tenants moving in bring cleaning material and prepare for all eventualities. If the previous tenant left cumbersome furniture behind, please submit a maintenance request via our website. Our team will get in touch with you. 

Adequately cleaning an apartment means: 

    • Mopping all floors with a mop after brooming the dust and residues
    • Cleaning all surfaces with a wet soaping rag
    • Cleaning the kitchen thoroughly. This includes inside and outside the cabinets and the appliances. Yes, you must clean the interior of the fridge, the interior of the stove and dishwasher. 
    • Do not leave any food items or personal belongings behind
    • Cleaning the bathroom thoroughly. This includes the floors, sink(s), toilet(s), bathtub(s), shower(s), the vanity, mirrors, and everything else. 


  • Reporting any damaged features by submitting a maintenance request proactively before moving out. 


**** If you’re unsure if something must be cleaned or not before your departure, this means it must be cleaned. **** 

A lot of people will be moving in and out on the same day as you. It’s important for everybody to dispose of their trash and recycling properly to avoid a horror scenario in that department. We ask for everybody’s collaboration in this matter. Boxes must be undone and placed properly on the side of the green bins if the recycling bins are full. Make sure to not put anything that is not recyclable in the green bins. The city employees will not empty the bins on collection day if they are contaminated. Large pieces of furniture must be placed directly on the side of the street in front of the building.  

Please watch your belongings closely and be aware that anything left unattended is at risk of being taken or stolen by passers by. If any items are left in the apartment, it will be your responsibility as the new tenants to decide if you would like to keep these articles or throw them out. Helisis is not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

For tenants who are moving out: 

You have until noon time on the day that your lease expires or on the first day of the month to effectively clean and vacate your apartment. One you’re ready to leave, please submit a maintenance request online via our website to inform us of your departure. Make sure that you leave all of your keys (including the mailbox key) in an envelope on the kitchen counter top inside your apartment. A member of our team will recuperate the keys and inspect your apartment. 

For tenants who are moving in: 

You will be able to access the building starting at noon time on the day your lease begins. Please communicate with management via email at prior to your move in date. You will also be given instructions about how to recuperate your apartment keys in case you are moving into an apartment that doesn’t have a codelock door handle. 

Please note that on moving day, you will be permitted to park your vehicle in the parking lot located behind the building if space permits.  These spots are rented to other clients and sometimes used by our maintenance team. Please leave a memo on your windshield with your contact information so people are able to reach you in case there’s an emergency. If the parking lot in the back is full, you must park your vehicle on the street in a place that doesn’t obstruct circulation. 

Service provider: 

Please verify your lease prior to moving in. If you are responsible for the utility services in your apartment, you must contact Hydro Québec (1 888 385-7252) prior to your arrival and register an account for your address to avoid all service interruption. 

Internet access: 

Once you make an appointment for your internet installation, please let us know by submitting a maintenance request on our website. In the maintenance request, specify the date, time and service provider that will be doing your installation. If necessary, an employee will communicate with you. You must be present on site on the day of installation. 


Pets are prohibited in our apartment buildings. For equity reasons, this rule applies to all our tenants without exception. 

General information about the building

Helisis does not process any maintenance requests by email or over the phone. Our maintenance request system is exclusively online. All requests have to be submitted via our website. This is very simple and by far the easiest way to submit any kind of maintenance request, no matter the level or urgency. Once a maintenance request is submitted, our maintenance team gets notified in real time. Our head of maintenance goes proactively through all maintenance requests and allocates the tasks based on the level of urgency and available team members. 

All of our employees work from 8AM to 4PM Monday through Friday. This schedule applies to all of our employees including the maintenance team. We don’t have a 24 hour service line and communications sent outside of these hours will be addressed in the promptest delays by our personnel during their working hours. 

All maintenance requests submitted that are the result of negligent behavior will be charged to the tenants at a rate of 50.00$ per hour per employee + GST/QST. 

Changing lightbulbs: Incandescent or LED- 5$ for new bulb and installation.  Halogen bulbs are difficult and potentially dangerous to install; therefore, we will replace them for no charge. Otherwise, we consider that you are able to replace a light bulb yourself.

Changing the battery in a smoke detector:  When you hear a chirping sound coming from a smoke detector, the battery needs to be changed.  You are responsible for maintaining a functional smoke detector at all times (see section B of your lease)! The City has been known to fine tenants who did not maintain their smoke alarm.

Locked Out:  If a tenant needs key access to their apartment, they must submit a maintenance request. A 50$ fee is applicable if an employee is not present on site and must travel inside or outside of his working hours to give you access to your apartment. 

 Lost Key:  You must submit a maintenance request. 

At this location, tenants are responsible for managing their own garbage and recycling. Usually, the previous tenants leave their exterior bins on site. If you can’t find any exterior bins upon moving in, you must purchase your own. You must also bring them to the front of the street on collection day and recuperate them once they’re emptied by the municipal employees. For information on the collection days, please consult the following link:

Each apartment in the building is equipped with their own washer and dryer. If you only see one of the these appliances present, it means that the appliance in question does both washing and drying.

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