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Nous espérons que vous appréciez votre séjour. Si vous envisagez d’emménager dans un de nos appartements dans un proche avenir, nous avons hâte de vous accueillir!


Nous avons une équipe de maintenance à plein temps. Veuillez soumettre une demande de maintenance via le portail web. Les photos sont cruciales pour que nous venions bien préparées!

Vous avez besoin de jetons de lavage? Cliquez ici pour en commander. Nous allons pouvoir alors vous en livrer.

The answers you need.

How does garbage and recycling work?

Please consult to know the collection schedule.

Where is the laundry room located?

The laundry room is located in the basement of the building (down the stairs on your left). 

In order to offer laundry services to our tenants, we partnered up with Coinomatic. This company provides the washers and dryers for our building. They are also in charge of fixing equipment malfunction when they do occur. 

To use the Coinomatic laundry services, you have to order a rechargeable laundry card on our website, (Link card order). 

You can purchase loads at the charging station also located in the laundry room.

A washer or dryer is not working properly?

You simply have to contact Coinomatic at: (438) 989-5283

You can also report the problem online by submitting a maintenance request.

Something broke in my apartment. What should I do?

You’re experiencing problems with something inside your unit or in the building? No problem! Simply submit a maintenance request. Our team will be notified immediately. Helisis provides support when it comes to maintenance and repairs. We have a maintenance crew working full time to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. They are at your service.

It’s too cold in my room.

Our target temperature is 21 degrees minimum. However, there are times where it can be lower, especially during the fall/spring, when quickly changing temperatures between morning and evening cause the sensors to get confused. If this is the case, please submit a maintenance request. If it’s too cold in your room only, we suggest you get a space heater- very comfortable, especially near your feet!

I need to leave before my lease ends.

No worries! Many of our tenants do this. Our leases are typically one-year, and it happens that you need to leave. In that case, the solution you’re looking for is to sublet- please make your intention known to the management team and visit our subletting guide here: If you leave without subletting your apartment, you will be held responsible for the rent regardless whether a subletter is occupying an apartment or not!

One of my roommates is leaving, but I am staying.

Please communicate with us by e-mail and we’ll help you get all set! Note that you, or the leaving roommate, will have to find a roommate to replace her/him to avoid being responsible for the entire portion of your rent.

My lease is ending soon and I am leaving. What is the moving out protocol?

If you have not renewed your lease and are planning on vacating your apartment in the upcoming months, here is what you should know:

1- It is your responsibility as the vacating tenant to properly clean your unit and making sure it is move-in ready to the next tenant. We ask for your cooperation in this matter. This is a question of respect towards your community and we take this very seriously. 

Tenants vacating their apartment without cleaning will be held responsible in front of the Tribunal Administratif du Logement. 

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to clean your apartment before leaving, we can provide cleaning services at 25$ per hour. 

2- One week prior to moving-out, please send us an email at to confirm your moving out day and time. This will allow us to coordinate with the new tenants and avoid bad surprises on moving day. 

Most of our lease agreements start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month. In practice, if your lease ends on August 31st for example, you have until noon the following day (September 1st) to vacate your apartment. After this time, the new tenant will be allowed to start moving-in and ask you to leave the apartment immediately.

I think somebody might have stolen a package that was delivered to me

Helisis is not responsible for any lost or stolen items in the premises of the building. If you suspect someone might have stolen a personal item or a package near or inside the apartment building, you should contact the police immediately. If the police contacts us, we will of course cooperate with the investigation and supply them with any resources that could help them solve the case. 

To make sure situations like these are avoided, we suggest you arrange a delivery at the post office if you are unable to be present at the delivery time.

Other general information

Changing lightbulbs: Incandescent or LED- 5$ for new bulb and installation.  Halogen bulbs are difficult and potentially dangerous to install; therefore, we will replace them for no charge. Otherwise, we consider that you are able to replace a light bulb yourself.


Changing the battery in a smoke detector:  When you hear a chirping sound coming from a smoke detector, the battery needs to be changed.  We charge 5$ battery replacement fee which includes the price of the battery. You are responsible for maintaining a functional smoke detector at all times! The City has been known to fine tenants who did not maintain their smoke alarm.

Locked Out:  If a tenant needs key access to their apartment, there is a 25$ service fee to have the door opened by our staff.  This fee is raised to 50$ after 5pm or weekends.


Lost Key:  Tenants will be charged 25$ for each key lost that is requested.  Tenants must allow for 24hrs for us to have the key cut.

Laundry Cards: The company who operates the laundry machines, Coinamatic, sells the cards through us at 10$ each. Once you are done with the card, you can sell them to the next tenant, or return them back to Coinamatic, in which case they will refund you a portion of the cost.

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