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Fill this out to sublet your apartment

This page is intended to help answer any subletting questions you may have, in case you are considering finding sub letters for the summer months (or anytime)! It really is a simple procedure:

The best resource is the Régie du Logement`s website. These are the legal guidelines, and we of course adhere to them first and foremost:


A few things to keep in mind:

Finding the sub letter is your responsibility. You can find someone you know well, or someone online, etc. It is in your best interest to take the steps necessary to make sure that they will be responsible tenants. This is because:

  • While the sub letter is living at your apartment, you are still the number 1 name on the lease, and are primarily responsible for any damages or any other problems that may arise while you are away.
  • The subletter will be held accountable to the lease in its entirety and all building rules, (ie. no smoking, etc).
  • Please ensure that the subletter candidate is approved by all roommates.  We would like to be sure that the decision is consensual by all tenants occupying the dwelling, and may ask for written proof that this is the case.
  • When you find a good candidate, please fill out the form linked above. You will need to pay a 30$ admin fee.
  • You (the tenant) will still be responsible for monthly rent payments, not the subletter.  They can pay you directly, but we collect rent from you using the regular methods.  If you know you will not have access to the internet, or have other logistical problems paying rent while you are away, please make arrangements with our staff before you go.
  • We ask that you do a reference check for your subletter, and we will do likewise.  We may send you an application form for your subletter to fill and perform a credit check. We will likewise call all references, and may feel the need to do a credit check if we require more information.  
  • Once the application has been approved, we ask that you fill out a simple contract that will state the dates of the sublet and the conditions. You are encouraged to either use our templates, or draft your own contract with the subletter to confirm responsibilities regarding hydro, internet, personal belongings, furniture or food use, etc.
  • Please take the necessary steps to insure the subletter has all relevant information about the building (ie. explain how garbage and recycle collection work, laundry room facilities, etc).  Management is here to help with any problems that arise within the apartment during their stay, but is not responsible to orient each subletter on building basics.
  • Please be aware that management will be unable to coordinate key transfers.  Please make arrangements with a friend or roommate to deliver the keys to subletters if you are unable to do it yourself.  Subletters generally use your own set of keys, we do not provide extra keys for subletters.

We recommend starting early, posting ads now! You can also try posting ads on different locations to attract people from other cities or countries to stay in your beautiful downtown apartment. You can also try posting individual rooms or multi-room places and see what gets more bites, if your roommates are also looking to sublet. Be creative. Good luck!

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